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Legal Malpractice:
“I lost my case because of the lawyer not doing their job right.”

Legal malpractice attorney

Words from the Founder:

I remember having my baby daughter in one hand while reading a law book in the other. I worked hard to get my law license. It took nine years of my life to learn my legal trade educating myself while struggling to raise my kids simultaneously. 

Most of us who choose this path value it and are Honored by the responsibility. However, like everything in life, even the legal field has bad apples.

History tells the story of some lawyers taking advantage of people, usually the poor and minorities, while those lawyers pursued greed. 

It will be my pleasure to shine a light on legal wrongdoers who stain the legal field and society in general.

As attorneys, we are keepers of the flame of justice. If the attorney is the wrongdoer, all of society suffers.

We are court officers, and we should conduct ourselves with the utmost character and shepherd our clients, not exploit them. 

If you feel like you have been taken advantage of by a lawyer, contact this law firm and let us be Your Champion and the Champion for all of society as we fight to preserve the rule of law.

Legal malpractice can cost people lots of money and freedom, so it should not be overlooked. 

Legal malpractice makes all of us ethical attorneys look bad and lowers the entire profession’s credibility. 

Legal malpractice is hard to prove and win, but this firm will do what needs to be done for your justice if there is a way.

We Will Be Your Champion.

Your justice Awaits. We Will Fight For Your Family’s Honor And Ours.

We Stand Ready To Serve.

-JW Zepeda 

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