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Debt Settlement Negotiations:

“I am having trouble paying bills.”

“ I got good credit and want to save money on my debt.”

"I need to file bankruptcy."

Debt Settlement Negotiation

Debt Settlement– Click This Link- A Must Read If You Are Considering Debt Settlement Companies.

Words from the Founder:

We are not a shady debt relief company. We are a law firm, and it cost me $350,000.00 for my law license, so let’s say we have some skin in the game.

In Debt Negotiations, we primarily represent borrowers.

If you are looking for an attorney to collect your debt and you are a powerful corporation, this firm is not for you. However, if you are a mom-and-pop, grassroots company in need of debt collecting—We Will Be Happy To Serve You. 

Long ago, I was on the other end of the line when call after call, day after day, debt collectors haunted me.

On top of hurting my credit and the shame of being unable to pay, these debt collectors twisted the knife every day, reminding me I was behind. 

I am in a better place now and have reestablished my credit by his grace.

But I know that sometimes folks need help, a compassionate ear, not the anxiety of bill collectors.

That is why I knew I had to offer loan and mortgage modifications, along with debt negotiation.

If life has made things hard lately, give this firm a chance to fight for your peace of mind.

Not only do I have over 20 years of sales and negotiating experience, but I also run a Business Group-Path to Plenty LLC, where amongst other things, I have trained others to negotiate and sell.

I assure you that this firm will fight for your peace of mind as hard as we would fight for our parent’s peace of mind.

We Stand Ready To Serve.

-JW Zepeda

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Debt Settlement

We Have The Power To Get Them To Listen

Most any debt can be renegotiated by you, especially when you consider that you are the person who signed to pay the debt, but are you a professional negotiator?

Even if you negotiate for a living, are you a Debt Negotiation Attorney with the threat of legal action inherent in any conversation?

Let us be realistic and ask ourselves if you got a letter or a call from someone wanting to pay you less than what they owe you, are you going to want to hear them out?

Now, let us change the story. What if the call or a letter was from an attorney? Are you going to listen now? Of course, you would if you had any sense.

That is the power that only comes from the threat of legal action that an attorney can bring.

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Other companies that claim to be debt negotiating companies that are not Debt Negotiation Attorneys have one priority: getting paid.

There have been countless reports of companies claiming to be debt negotiators, and many are sharks just swimming towards their next meal, their next victim, their next payday.

These companies have yet to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on legal education.

These companies have not risked their entire educational career on the chances of passing one of the most, if not the most, grueling and intense tests out there, the Bar, to get a law license. 

Nor are these companies overseen by a board of attorneys (The Texas Bar) making sure they adhere to the ethics and morals demanded in Texas attorneys.

As Texas attorneys, we can lose our license to practice by taking advantage of our clients and not putting their interests above ours.

No other profession understands and respects the Fiduciary Relationship between certain professionals and their clients like attorneys do.

What is a Fiduciary Relationship?

A Fiduciary Relationship imposes duties on an individual about how they should treat another person or company they represent.

Two primary fiduciary duties are owed, amongst others, when a Fiduciary Relationship exists.

1. Duty of Loyalty

Calls for putting the other person’s or company’s interest before your own.

2. Duty of Care

To act as a prudent person would under the circumstances.

However, a fiduciary duty has six parts in Texas, but they genuinely are embodied by the top two primary categories:

    • Be fair and honest
    • Not to engage in self-dealing
    • Have strict integrity
    • Good faith and loyalty
    • Provide full disclosure, and
    • Duty of candor


Texas Attorneys have sworn when getting their license to protect our clients. 

To keep our license, we adhere to the responsibilities, Honors, and privileges Texas has given us as court officers.

All that to say, when you hire a Texas Attorney, you know that they have put hundreds of thousands of dollars into their education, and they have struggled to pass a test to get their law license. 

We have been thoroughly vetted by a state agency that decides who will be Texas Attorneys. 

And attorneys’ licenses can be taken away by the state for not adhering to the rules.

No debt negotiating company can say all that or have so much to lose if they are not Texas Attorneys.

Our law firm can help determine if you need bankruptcy if that is something you want to pursue. We will also decide which type of bankruptcy best suits you. 

For Example, Chapter 7 or Chapter 13.

Our law firm offers skills at a level few attorneys have. 

This law firm is owned by an attorney who teaches others how to negotiate in his other business—Path to Plenty, LLC.

We can help with all kinds of debt. No matter who the creditor may be, the possibility of renegotiation is present 99% of the time. 

Some examples of debt that can be renegotiated are:

Mortgage Modifications and Real Estate Loan Renegotiations:

A Real Estate and Debt Negotiation Attorney can help modify your loan or mortgage when things get hard, and you have problems paying.

A modification may:

    • Lower payments
    • Lower interest rate
    • Lower the amount you agreed to pay back “Principle,”
    • Get you current on late payments
    • stop foreclosure or default


Credit Card debt:

    • Interest rates can be renegotiated
    • Late payments can be made current
    • Payments can be lowered
    • And more


Personal loans:

    • Interest rates can be renegotiated
    • Payments can be lowered
    • Late payments can be made current
    • And more


Secured and Unsecured loans:

    • Interest rates can be renegotiated
    • Late payments can be made current
    • Payments can be lowered
    • And more


Cell phone bills:

    • Late payments can be made current
    • Payments can be lowered
    • And more


Utility bills:

    • Late payments can be made current
    • Payments can be lowered
    • Prevent service interruption
    • And more


Automobile loans:

    • Interest rates can be renegotiated
    • Late payments can be made current
    • Payments can be lowered
    • Prevent repossession
    • And more


Furniture loans:

    • Interest rates can be renegotiated
    • Late payments can be made current
    • Payments can be lowered
    • Prevent repossession
    • And more

The above are just some examples of debt that can be negotiated. 

Contact our firm if you have debt and wonder if it can be negotiated. 

We Will Be Happy To Answer A Quick Question About Your Type Of Debt For Free.

In life, we go through hard times now and then, but there is help out there, do not give up and know nothing can break you unless you let it.

You may be going through this challenging time because you are strong enough to withstand it, and when you are past it, it will be your duty to help another who is not strong enough to make it without your help.

Stay Strong!

Let This Firm Fight For Your Family’s Honor.

We Will Get It Done.

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