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Family Law

Family Law

Words from the Founder:

I have been the person in court fighting for my child. I have been that person in court to get a divorce.

I know how much these cases mean to you and how psychologically and emotionally draining they are.

I never thought I would practice Family Law, but I have reconsidered it after being a victim.

However, If you were an absent parent by choice or a cheating spouse and want family law help, this firm is not for you. 

This firm holds dear family values, not money.

All attorneys can bring about these types of cases; however, I have first-hand experience with the aftermath of Family Law decisions. I know what is at stake, and this firm will feed off that emotion as we pursue victory.

Let this firm get your peace of mind back.

Not only do I have over 20 years of sales and negotiating experience, but I also run a Business Group-Path to Plenty LLC, where amongst other things, I have trained others to negotiate and sell.

I assure you that this firm will fight for your peace of mind as hard as we would fight for our kids.

We Stand Ready To Serve.

-JW Zepeda 

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Please read the Words from the Founder section above for important information about the type of Family Law cases we take.

Many divorces involve Many different areas of law that most lawyers leave alone.


Other Law Areas That Relate To Family Law That We Practice


Defamation occurs when one person makes public something about the plaintiff’s (person suing) reputation that is untrue and injures the plaintiff’s reputation. 

Sometimes the thing made public is so repulsive by the law that mentioning such content means that the plaintiff is due Damages because they are presumed. 

In the age of social media, defamation law is a growing field of practice evolving quickly. 

Defamation has cost people relationships and employment; sadly, others have even taken their own lives due to some false trash on the internet. 

But defamation is not just for internet posts. Defamation is for things said and written everywhere.

These are two broad types of defamation. 

    • Libel: Defamation that is in writing or other more permanent forms.
    • Slander: Defamation that is spoken.

The law of defamation is multilayered and complex.

Some considerations that an attorney must consider are:

  • Who is the person being defamed: are they public figures or officials?
  • Is the defamation public information? 
  • Did the person allegedly defaming know that the defamatory statement was wrong? 
  • Is the defamatory statement true?
invasion of privacy

Invasions of Privacy

Invasions of Privacy happen in multiple ways:


This type of claim protects the plaintiff (the person suing) from having their name or likeness used by the defendant (the person being sued), usually for some advantage or benefit to the defendant.

This claim does not protect the name but the economic value of the name.

Right to Publicity

It is like Misappropriation. However, this property right protects the name and likeness of a deceased person.

This claim would fall under a Survival claim. These claims allow certain family members of the death to bring civil claims that the deceased could have brought themselves.

Intrusion into Seclusion

It occurs when a defendant intentionally intrudes upon the solitude, seclusion, or private affairs or concerns of another. 

The intrusion must be highly offensive to a reasonable person to recover from it. And the intrusion needs to cause injury to the person whose privacy was violated.           

Public Disclosure of Private Facts

This type of claim occurs when private facts are made public; making those facts public would be highly offensive to a reasonable person. The facts made public are not a valid public concern.

For Example, A court has held that even married couples are entitled to privacy from one another. Spouse “A” making a recording, or someone, spouse “A,” hires to make a recording of spouse “B” when “B,” thinks they are in complete privacy could be a claim that allows recovery of damages.

Suppose they do not deal with you respectfully. In that case, we will attack the other party in every way possible using the fullest extent of the law. 

This Firm Will Be Your Champion.

We Stand Ready To Fight For You And Your Family’s Honor.

We Will Get It Done. 

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